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Cheap Weddings - How To Do It
Every woman looks forward to her wedding day. While most of us dream of elaborate weddings with all the finer things, these days those kinds of weddings just aren't practical for some people. [...]

Tips for Weddings on the Beach
Weddings on the beach! This is one of the most romantic weddings you could ever have. Do you live near a beach? Then you have the perfect chance to have a glorious wedding on a budget, though you can also make it an elaborate event. [...]

Wedding Cakes: Making The Weddings Livelier
One occasion that can safely be termed as the red letter day in the life of every human, man or woman, is their marriage. From time immemorial it has been considered the most important event in everyone's life. [...]

Beautiful Wedding Tips and Secrets
The wedding is the memorial thing of the life and this the very important part of the personal life. For the wedding there are so many arrangements are required. [...]

Unique wedding invitations.
Your wedding is probably the most important social affair you will ever have to organize. The ceremony as well as the reception planning will require you to find a venue, select flower arrangements and choose outfits. [...]

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer
1. The first item is obvious: be sure you see samples of the photographer's work. The following items are just as important and many times are overlooked by people hiring a wedding photographer [...]

Beautiful gifts for wedding occasions!
We can all agree that choosing wedding gifts for any couple can be an extremely challenging task, [...]

Winter Wedding - A Beautiful Alternative
Who's to say what months are better to get married in? It's all in the opinions of the bride and groom. Summer and spring seem to be the most popular seasons to get married in. [...]

Wedding Gowns
The bride wears an exquisite gown on the day of her wedding, for the ceremony. The fall, color and the style of the gown highlight the cultural and religious background. The color code for most of the western wedding dresses is white. [...]

Wedding Music
Wedding music is an essential part of a successful wedding ceremony. It helps set the mood and create the right atmosphere, both during the ceremony and the reception. Therefore, this is one of the things that you should carefully discuss with your wedding coordinator when planning your big day. [...]

Anniversary Gifts - Since When Did Flowers Turn Boring?
Anniversaries are one of the most common times throughout the year that people send flowers. Men spend the most amount of money on these occasions sending anniversary flowers to their partners [...]

Wedding Anniversaries
What is an anniversary? Anniversaries are basically to remind husbands and wives were happily united on this day, and to keep their souls fresh at such a splendid memory [...]

Green Weddings - Earth Friendly Weddings
A wedding is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate to the fullest. Every person is in an emotional high during weddings. However, one should remember that every celebration has the potential to consume a lot of resources as well [...]

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