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Green Weddings - Earth Friendly Weddings
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Green Weddings - Earth Friendly Weddings

A wedding is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate to the fullest. Every person is in an emotional high during weddings. However, one should remember that every celebration has the potential to consume a lot of resources as well, and also to produce a large quantity of waste material. In a world that is ecologically threatened, green weddings provide a glimmer of hope. The term 'green weddings' is used nowadays to refer to "environment friendly weddings", that is, weddings characterized by measures to preserve the balance of our sensitive ecosystem.

These types of weddings observe that resources are not excessively consumed and that the environmental pollution is minimized in the proceedings of the ceremony and the reception. This world has harbored life for millennia, and it is up to us to preserve it while enjoying its fruits at the same time. Green weddings are a significant step towards making the world a healthier and cleaner place for the oncoming generations.
The principles employed by green weddings are basic principles that any ecologically aware person would follow - to reduce, to reduce and to recycle. For example, air pollution may be reduced simply by holding the wedding in such a spot that requires very few of the guests to drive to the venue.

Wedding dresses can cost a fortune in terms of not just the money, but also the resources. Organic silk or hemp wedding dresses may be used as an alternative. Vintage dresses may also be used. A simple gown may be worn again. Moreover, a wedding dress may be recycled also by donating it for poorer couples to use. Even the other accessories that would not be used after the wedding can be donated to the poor couples.

The use of biodegradable materials is a must for green weddings. In order to reduce paper consumption, simple wedding invitation cards made of recycled paper, or simply a wedding web site, may be used. Vegetarian dishes would definitely make a difference. In fact, many non-vegetarians might be pleasantly surprised to notice the number of delectable vegetarian dishes actually exist.

Even simple rituals like rice throwing can have adverse effects if alternatives like birdseed are dispersed over wild turf. Certain varieties are known to adversely affect the ecosystems of household gardens. Native wildflower petals or seeds may be used as alternatives.

Green weddings ensure that the future for our world remains as bright as the day of the wedding appears to everyone.

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